Collection of TMC apps


Study Bible app

Study Bible is an application that seeks to make the study of the Bible an enjoyable experience, through easy to use controls and features that help make the Bible more personalized.

Adventist Pioneer Writings

Adventist Pioneer Writings is an app that seeks to consolidate the writings of Adventist pioneers in an easy to use format, with the ability to download the books one desires to read, so that one has their treasury of knowledge anywhere they go.

History of the Waldenses

The Waldenses were among the most steadfast defenders of truth in the midst of the darkness of the dark ages; their history is one of faithfulness and constancy in the midst of persecution, their history is a worthy one to know.

History of Protestantism app

"The History of Protestantism, is no mere history of dogmas. The teachings of Christ are the seeds; the modern Christendom, with its new life, is the goodly tree which has sprung from them. We shall speak of the seed and then of the tree, so small at its beginning, but destined one day to cover the earth.""

History of the Reformation app

"In the different countries of Europe men were moved by the Spirit of God to search for the truth as for hid treasures. Providentially guided to the Holy Scriptures, they studied the sacred pages with intense interest. They were willing to accept the light at any cost to themselves." The Great Controversy p. 79