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"I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward." David Livingstone

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Tsietsi and children at an orpanage
Tsietsi Ramakatsa

MISSIONARY by calling

CODER by profession


TMC is a short acronym which stands for The Missionary Coder. Reason behind the name, and this site, is to combine and share that which I am passionate about; mainly my faith and programming, I seek to showcase some apps I have done and projects that I am working on or have worked on.


The vision behind TMC is to make a difference one line at a time: one app at a time: one site at a time. Coding is fun :), but its more worthwhile when it positively impacts peoples lives. And the greatest impact that I believe one can make is in the sharing of the gospel - so that is what will be the main focus of TMC.


Just a little about me. I love God and His word, I love doing missionary work and believe it to be my calling, I love children - I think they just the best demographic out there. I am a science lover, and tech enthusiast. In short phrases that is who I am, oh and I am also an introverted individual at times, might explain why I don't have much to say here about myself.


I also provide software services to people that have ideas that have ideas that they want implemented - I offer fully integrated service, from design to development and even hosting if so required.